Chakra Meditation with Affirmations

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Meet Kirra, one of my soul sisters that was once my roommate when I was attending UCSD. She’s a beautiful pure soul that has added an abundance of love and light into my life. “Life in THE LIGHT” I’m so blessed to have reconnected with her in a more perfect place and time in our existence to remind one another of our divine life purpose. 🙂 Here’s a beautiful share about focusing on your chakras to meditate and affirm/honor yourself.

“I am here to love, and be loved.”

Life in Delight

One of my favorite guided practices of meditating is using chakra colors and/or affirmations.

chakra med

Knowing and simply feeling the energy in the chakras is a good way to begin. Sometimes we feel we are misaliged or fragmented in various aspects of our life.  For example, when you can’t say what you intend or would like to say, you may focus on your 5th chakra, which is in the throat area and deals with communication and expression.  Light blue and turquoise represent the throat chakra.  Visualizing this color and feeling the energy in the throat chakra is a great guided way to meditate.  You can also include an affirmation of expressing your highest truth and communicating with love and intention during the meditation.  Using a stone, such as blue lace agate or chrysocolla, is another great way or addition to your meditation.

Don’t feel you have to do all of these…

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